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Does the hearing aid have radiation damage to the human body?

Hearing aids can be said to be quite great inventions. Choosing the right hearing aids can help hearing-impaired patients hear or hear the sound. In addition to this, hearing aids can also protect our residual hearing and improve speech resolving power.

Generally speaking, as long as you choose a hearing aid that matches your hearing loss through a professional fitting, then wearing a hearing aid will not cause your hearing to decline further, but it will also delay the hearing loss, but What I am saying is that in general, if it is a large vestibular patient, it is another matter.

Then, after we wear a hearing aid, will there be radiation damage to the human body?

You don’t have to worry about this. The core principle of the hearing aid is to accept the sound, then enlarge it and then pass it into your ear. It is based on the principle of acoustic-electrical sound conversion. It does not emit electromagnetic waves to the outside world. The battery of the hearing aid is basically a button battery, and its voltage is very low. It is said to be a little radiative, but this radiation is negligible and can be neglected.

I say that everyone may not have a concept, let’s make a comparison. The little radiation from the hearing aid battery and the mobile phone we use on weekdays, computers, microwave ovens, and refrigerators can be said to be small and small. Too much, you said that you hold a mobile computer every day and go home to the air conditioner. You are living very freely in the refrigerator, and this hearing aid can have an impact on you.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the radiation damage caused by the hearing aid to the human body. It doesn’t matter.

Secondly, we need to do the hearing aid maintenance work after the hearing aid is used.

Do it every time you use it, open the battery compartment door at night and put it in a dry box.

Keep the hearing aid away from water and keep it dry.

The hearing aids can be regularly maintained and returned to the fitting center for a professional vacuum dehumidification.

Hearing aid battery

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