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Is it important to protect your ears?

Yes, protecting hearing is a very important thing. Now more and more people are paying attention to health, even90After that, I started to froth in the vacuum flask. However, most of the health care that we pay attention to is only for the health inside the body, to the outside, vision, and hearing. Still ignored. But have you discovered that more and more elderly people will spend a lot of money to buy hearing aids? Have you ever understood the reasons for this?

Many times when we realize that we need to protect our hearing, it is often done after hearing problems have occurred, but hearing loss is basically irreversible, meaning that you are too late to notice.

For the young people we are now, the most serious cause of hearing loss is noise, urban environment, living habits, noise everywhere, headphones is a very great invention, but also have to admit that the headset pair Our hearing does have a big impact. Walking on the road, in the subway, on the bus, people wearing headphones and using mobile phones can be seen everywhere, but how loud the noise in these environments should be, sometimes we have to talk With a slap in the face, then we want to hear the sound inside the headphones, but we can see how high the volume will be.

Although it is not for everyone to use headphones, but to use the headphones correctly, we have been following the emphasis66Principle, listening to songs60Minute, the volume is not over60%You have heard it.1Hours, relax your ears a little, don’t ruin your ears for a few hours of music.

Hearing will decrease as we get older. This is senile deafness, and all the things that hurt our ears in our lives are accelerating our hearing loss. Some people are in their 20s and 30s. With someone else’s ear of 50 or 60 years old, how bad your hearing is when you get to this age.

Protect hearing

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