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It’s been three days since the Turk, can it be cured?

Deafness is no stranger to our lives. Sudden deafness is also the case. We often hear friends around us or see why in the news for what reason, suddenly got up the next day and so on.

Sudden deafness, as its name suggests, refers to sudden deafness. The fastest is to reduce your hearing to the lowest point in an instant. Generally speaking, most of the sudden abruptness is unilateral, and both sides are still squatting at the same time. Less.

So if you have been in the process for three days, can you still heal?

The golden treatment time for sudden deafness is72Within hours, that is3Within days, after the onset3Within a day of treatment, most of them can be recovered. If it is more than two weeks, the possibility of treatment is only about5%The left and right people can recover their hearing. If you have been sick for more than a month, then it is basically irreversible to lose hearing, and those years, two years, not to mention, it is impossible to resume hearing.

Sudden deafness can cause tinnitus, dizziness and other symptoms in addition to the most obvious hearing loss at the time of attack, but there are also some patients who have tinnitus before the sudden, so some people think that this is a sudden aura. .

Some people will say that they will drag themselves when they find out who they are, but they have to say that many people are lucky. They think they are just getting angry or not taking a good break. They think that they have a common cold. In the same way, at home for a few days, drinking more hot water is naturally a recovery, but often this idea hurts yourself.

I also said that the gold treatment time for sudden deafness is72Within hours, in other words, the sooner the treatment is better, it can be said to be a salvage treatment, and the effect of treatment is related to the age of the disease, and also related to the age of the patient. In general, the effect of young people is better than Older people are better.

For those who have been abrupt for a year or two, it is a pity that treatment is no longer effective for you. If you want to hear the sound again, you can also choose to wear a hearing aid to compensate for your hearing.

Sudden deafness

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