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Does too much affect hearing?

Speaking of it, everyone may not be familiar with it, but if I say deafness, I believe that most people know what it is, yes, it is deafness, just a little more professional.

掏 屎 屎 is a relatively cool thing for many people, and it doesn’t have to be said that it will happen when you are embarrassed. If it is too much, will it affect our hearing?

First of all, we need to know that 耵聍 is protective for our ears, including ear canal, tympanic membrane, hearing and other things related to the ear. Because deafness is definitely acidic, it can effectively inhibit bacteria in the ear. The inside of the road grows, in addition to resisting the dust from the outside, and the small flying insects enter our ear canal.

Imagine, on a silent night, suddenly a small flying insect flies into your ear canal. Because of your love of deafness, there is almost no deafness in the ear canal. Then the little flying insects fly unimpeded. Go to your tympanic membrane, then bite through your tympanic membrane into your brain and eat your brain. . .

Hahaha, I am embarrassed to pull away. Obviously this is impossible. Even if the worm breaks through the tympanic membrane and flies in, there is a inner ear inside, where the worm will suffocate and die, so don’t worry.

Back to the beginning, under normal circumstances, deafness does not affect hearing, but when there are too many sputum, it will have a certain impact on hearing in the case of sputum embolism. There is a conductive deafness in the deafness, which causes The cause of conductive deafness is embolism, and too much paralysis blocks the ear canal, which affects our hearing.

Don’t panic at this time, if it is blocked, then you can take it out, but some of you are very black and hard, hard and you can’t do it. You can’t do it. Don’t slam the drums and go to the hospital. The doctors there will use some medical syrup to soften your cockroaches before taking them out. After taking them out, the hearing will naturally recover.


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