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Hearing loss is related to what causes

Hearing loss can be said to be hearing loss. It can also be called deafness. There are many reasons why we can affect our hearing on weekdays. Today I will give you some reasons for our hearing loss.

Noise is still a big problem. In today’s society, noise is still the most serious cause of our hearing loss. Many people are suffering from hearing loss caused by long-term noise. In recent years, our society has developed rapidly and we have to recognize the country. It is getting stronger and stronger, but the idea of ​​protecting hearing is declining. On the road, on the bus, a mobile phone is normal. There are still many people who are listening to songs and watching movies in the headphones, but in these environments. The noise is so big, do you want to hear the sound inside the headphones without increasing the volume?

The ear canal is blocked, I didn’t expect it, the ear canal blockage will also cause hearing loss. Generally, our ear canal blockage refers to sputum embolism. It is deafness. Under normal circumstances, these phenomena will not occur. If you have 耵The symptoms of embolism, go to the hospital in time to remove, the hearing can be restored.

The tympanic membrane is damaged. The tympanic membrane is used to amplify the sound. After the damage, the hearing will naturally drop. There are still many reasons for the damage of the tympanic membrane, such as the sound of knocking, otitis media, trauma, etc. After the damage occurs, go to the hospital to check. If it is a small break, you don’t have to worry. He will do it himself. A large area of ​​damage will require surgery.

Working pressure is too big, too tired, most of the young people nowadays are996There is no way, in order to live, it can only be like this, but many people work overtime and do not pay attention to rest, which will also cause hearing loss, so we have to combine work and rest for life, for wages.

Age and age are also one of them. Our hearing will decline with age. This is what we call senile deafness, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Hearing loss

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