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What is the cause of neurological tinnitus?

“The tinnitus is not fatal, it is really fat to start the disease.” This is a word circulating in the folk, a symptom of tinnitus is accurate rather than a disease, tinnitus is divided into many kinds, neurological tinnitus is one of them, today we come Checking out the cause of neurological tinnitus.

The first type: ingestion of ototoxic drugs.

Ingestion of various ototoxic drugs not only causes ototoxic deafness, but also may cause neurological tinnitus. It may also cause vestibular function when deafness and tinnitus occurs, so we must remember to remember and remember before eating the drug. Whether the doctor is ototoxic, take it when it is not.

Second: senile deafness.

Senile deafness is caused by a decline in the auditory system. When the senile deafness occurs, the central nervous system declines, causing hearing loss and tinnitus.

The third type: trauma.

In addition to causing damage to the tympanic membrane, trauma can also damage the inner ear’s auditory nerve due to strong vibrations, causing tinnitus, so some people have been slap in the face and have deafness and tinnitus.

The fourth type: noise deafness.

It is not uncommon for neurological tinnitus caused by noise deafness. If it is in a noisy environment for a long time, it will cause noise and deafness and tinnitus after hearing nerve damage.

The fifth type: sudden deafness.

Most of the sudden axons are inductive neurological deafness caused by unknown causes. Tinnitus may be caused before or after the attack. The best treatment time for sudden deafness is3Early treatment early rehabilitation.

Neurological tinnitus is difficult to treat because it is damaged by the auditory nerve, but you need to remember that the earliest is better, whether it is tinnitus or deafness. The sooner you treat, the more likely you are to recover. The better the treatment effect, so don’t delay, and find that you have a problem to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Neurological tinnitus

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