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Did a slap in the face fight?

I don’t know if you have seen such news. A primary school student is playing there because his homework has not been written. The parents persuaded him to be unrestrained. He slaps him in a rage, and he slams.

Is this kind of thing really possible, so spiritual? (The news is released and it is impossible to ask)

In general, a slap in the face is actually divided into two situations, but the reasons are the same, but the damaged position is not the same.

When the palm is slap, our palms will cause a strong airflow. When the slap falls on the ear, it will bring the airflow into the ear canal, then impact our tympanic membrane to cause damage, then you will smash, the size of the tympanic membrane is broken. Is related to your strength, angle, palm size, etc., do not panic after the tympanic membrane is broken, go to the hospital, do an ear endoscopy, let the doctor see the size of your tympanic membrane damage, if only small damage, So fortunately, I will be self-healing after a month, and I will pay attention to the ear canal cleaning on weekdays. If you are a big break, then you are very lucky, as long as you have a surgical repair, you will be able to recover soon.

The second kind of deafness is more serious than the tympanic membrane damage caused by the tympanic membrane damage. This is because the powerful airflow causes the inner ear to oscillate, which leads to the damage of the auditory nerve endings. This is more troublesome and wants to recover. Hearing is not such a simple matter. In clinical practice, many hearing-impaired patients due to trauma are also caused by this reason.

However, everyone should not be so flustered. Under normal circumstances, there is no suitable angle and strength. It is not so easy to be embarrassed. Everyone is interested to see the foreign slap contest, that one, fight and scream, half The face is red.

But everyone should not imitate, in case you suddenly “good luck”, fanned out or fanned out others, it is best to calm down when educating children, don’t slap children, beat people Face to face, really do not blame, hit his ass, I was a child when I was a child, my mother hit my ass every day, but also took the bamboo whip to smoke, now this ass is still fine, a little scar, and the thief is flexible.

Slap in the face

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