S Meng哒 – Thousand Children’s Hearing Aid Program

a letter to parents

Dear parents and friends, it is a very unfortunate thing for any family to find that their children have hearing impairment. After suffering great pain, they should still be rational and help them solve their problems.

2. How to observe the child’s opposite reaction in life: 1. Observe the child’s eyes when the sound appears, examine the facial expression and body reaction; 2. Use “Lin’s Six Tone” to detect “Lin’s Six Tone” Sort by frequency from low to high, /m/, /u/, /a/, /i/, /sh/, /s/. among them/m/, /u/ is a low frequency sound,/a/, /i/ is the medium frequency tone,/sh/, /s/ is a high frequency sound.It can be said that they cover all frequencies of the voice of our people.If the child wears the hearing aid device, and can accurately display the six-tone sound at a certain distance, normal volume and no visual clues, it means that the child can hear the voice of our people in this country. If the child can correctly distinguish or imitate them, try to explain whether the child can hear clearly, or prepare for a clear statement.

3. Start learning the principle of listening to the sound: 1. Make sure to wear hearing aids all day long: 2. Speak to the side of the ear that is close to the child’s ear; 3. Let the child listen in a quiet environment as far as possible; 4 Prompt the child to listen, when the voice appears, tell the child “I heard it…” and tell the child “Yes, you also heard it, it is the voice of XXX, referring to the child’s ear, to specifically affirm the child. Encourage; then take the child to see what the sound is, 5. Use a tone of speech, speak slowly, often repeat the keywords involved; 6. Establish eye contact in the interaction with the child, establish a common concern Things; when 7 interacts with children, the language input is first, first said to be done, let the children hear first; 8. Integrate listening into daily life; 9. Ask the family to try to demonstrate good listening habits.

V. Solution 1. Through the demonstration, the child is prompted to listen; 2. can say again whether the confirmation is not heard or not understood; 3. Can repeat, then lead the child to do related things; 4. Please give immediately Certainly (small children should be encouraged by the way they imitate the sounds they send; 5. If you have not worn a hearing aid before, you will need 3-4 months or even longer (depending on individual differences) to adapt; 6. Children The age of hearing, previous hearing loss, start-up time, family factors, child’s personality, and learning ability are all factors that determine this difference.

Parents must believe that your child will continue to improve as long as you work tirelessly. As long as you work hard, your child will pay off for you.

Link:S Meng哒 - Thousand Children's Hearing Aid Program

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