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Will the hearing recover or fall after wearing the hearing aid?

As a hearing-compensating device, the hearing aid can effectively help the hearing-impaired patient to hear the sound that is not heard when the hearing aid is not worn, and can also improve the hearing ability of the patient. After wearing the hearing aid, the sound is heard by a large number of people, but wearing There are also people who wear more and more after the hearing aid.

Then, will our hearing loss patients recover after wearing a hearing aid or will it continue to decline?

The hearing aid is an auxiliary device that helps us hear the sound. Yes, it is the aid and not the treatment. As I said before, the hearing aid is used to compensate the hearing rather than the hearing. The hearing aid is not a lining medicine, and it can not be treated. That is to say, listening to the hearing aid will not restore hearing.

In fact, this point is very well understood. Compared with hearing aids, glasses are more familiar to you. The principle and function of glasses I believe that everyone must know very well that glasses can not play any therapeutic effect, even after wearing them, we It can be seen clearly, but you can’t recover your eyesight. It’s still a paste, but the glasses can help us to see things, but also protect the vision. The same is true for hearing aids. In addition to listening to the sound, it can also protect the residual hearing.

After reading the above paragraph, many people know that hearing aids can’t restore hearing, and they can also play a role in protecting hearing. So why do many people say that hearing aids are more and more worn?

Among the people who think that hearing aids are more and more jealous, only about2Cheng people have personally experienced hearing aids, and the rest8Adults have not worn hearing aids, but they have only heard of it, and even a small number of people do not even know what the hearing aids are.

Those who have personally experienced the more they wear it, do not say that they are wrong, because they are basically wearing old-fashioned hearing aids, you will find that the group of people are basically old people, old-fashioned hearing aids will happen in this kind of situation. However, today’s hearing aids are digital hearing aids. As long as they are accurately fitted and debugged, there is no hearing loss after wearing the hearing aid.

Wearing hearing aids hearing loss

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