A few things you need to know to wear a hearing aid for the first time.

For the first time, for most hearing-impaired patients, wearing a hearing aid is the first time, then there are a few things that we need to know when we first wear a hearing aid.

First point: all sounds will change.

After wearing the hearing aid, the sound around you will change. The sound of walking, the sound of water, the sound of the keyboard, etc. will all change with the wearing of the hearing aid, and the sound of your own hearing will change. Some people will feel the sound of wearing the hearing aid. It’s very twisted, but it doesn’t matter. After listening to your brain for a few weeks, you can’t sound different after listening to your current voice.

The second point: Don’t have inferiority, you are not so conspicuous.

Many people think that wearing a hearing aid is embarrassing. Even others will look at themselves differently. In fact, you are thinking more. The current hearing aids are very fine and very small, let alone those invisible hearing aids worn in the ear canal. Anyone who doesn’t look at it can’t see it at all, and you have to remember that you are not a big money worth hundreds of millions, nor a big star that everyone knows. Who will come to see you.

The third point: forget to wear your hearing aid.

This phenomenon is more common for patients who are wearing hearing aids for the first time, especially those who have better adaptability to hearing aids. They are almost fully adapted after wearing the hearing aid for a period of time, and have the kind of “integration”. Feeling, so when you sleep, take a bath, swim, you will forget to pick it up, so you have to develop a habit, really afraid to forget, write a small note before the bed, the bathroom door.

Fourth point: the first time you wear a hearing aid, you need to debug.

In order to achieve the best hearing aid, the debugging of the hearing aid is indispensable. It is impossible for the hearing aid to be debugged at one time. The initial debugging is for comfort, and the later time as you wear it, the hearing is increased. Demand will also increase, so it is necessary to debug frequently.

Fifth point: Wearing a hearing aid can not restore hearing.

Many people think that the reason why the hearing aid can be heard is because the hearing aid has treated our deafness and let us resume hearing. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. The hearing aid can’t be treated, so it won’t be worn after wearing the hearing aid. Restoring hearing, but it can protect residual hearing and relieve hearing loss, so you will find that your hearing has not changed after you have been listening to hearing aids for a while.

Wearing a hearing aid

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