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Do you have to wear a hearing aid after deafness?

I can’t hear, I can’t hear, I believe that everyone is not willing to encounter things, but in life, there are always various reasons that lead to deafness. It may be innate or likely to be acquired. We cannot avoid it. The occurrence of deafness can only face deafness.

So if we have symptoms of deafness, must we wear a hearing aid?

In fact, it is not necessary to wear a hearing aid after deafness. It is necessary to judge according to the actual situation.

For example, if your deafness is caused by acute otitis media or sudden deafness, and the time is short, then this situation only needs to go to the hospital for related examinations before treatment by drugs or surgery. If the treatment is successful and the hearing is restored, then there is no need to wear a hearing aid. If it is still unable to restore hearing after treatment, it is a pity that you can only compensate for hearing by wearing a hearing aid.

Then if you are neurological deafness, the situation is different. Neurological deafness belongs to the inner ear lesion, and if the hearing loss is more than half a year without any treatment, then this hearing aid is you. If you don’t wear the hearing aid, your hearing loss will be further reduced.

Secondly, conductive deafness is generally a disease of the external auditory canal or middle ear. The specific situation depends on the situation. Some can recover hearing through surgery, while others cannot, then they need to wear a hearing aid.

These are based on the nature of the deafness to determine whether you need to wear a hearing aid, and if we do not consider the nature of deafness, it is not the same from the perspective of hearing loss.

We all know that the hearing loss is divided into mild, moderate, severe and extremely heavy. Specifically, the degree of hearing loss is not detailed here. The online search is everywhere, so if you judge according to the hearing loss, Not all deaf patients need to wear hearing aids.

Generally speaking, patients with mild hearing loss do not need to wear hearing aids. Their hearing loss can be heard as long as others are slightly louder when they speak. As for whether to wear or see them personally. More willingness.

If you are a moderate or severe hearing loss patient, it is necessary to wear a hearing aid for them. This level of hearing loss will already be inaudible and inaudible. If they do not choose to wear a hearing aid, they will not only Life work has a great impact, and it will lead to further decline in hearing loss and become more serious.

Finally, patients with extremely severe hearing loss, they do not need to wear hearing aids, but the “not needed” here is not a good meaning, contrary to mild hearing loss, mild is basically audible, extremely severe is basic I can’t hear it. The residual hearing is almost gone or gone. These patients have no effect even if they wear a hearing aid. They may only feel the sound vibration, so for them, it is better to choose cochlear implants. Hearing aids are no longer considered by them.

Wearing a hearing aid

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