Please keep your hearing aids dry at all times

Today’s hearing aids have changed dramatically compared to hearing aids decades ago. In addition to the appearance, the internal changes are the biggest. The core of today’s hearing aids is the chip inside, and because this chip makes the current Hearing aids are advanced to high-end precision electronics.

Then the most important thing about high-end precision electronics like hearing aids is of course keeping dry.

Hearing aids need to be kept dry at all times. During the wet rainy season, the hearing aids should be kept out of the rain. At the same time, we need to dry and maintain the hearing aids every night.

In the evening, when we don’t use the hearing aid, we need to remember to open the battery compartment door, then remove the battery, and then put the hearing aid into the dry box dedicated to the hearing aid for drying.

So if we accidentally let the hearing aid fall into the water, what should we do?

The first step is of course to take it out quickly, and then remember not to shake it or swear. It is very likely that you can cause the hearing aid to be scrapped after such an action. After you take it out, you can wipe the surface with a paper towel or a dry cloth, then remove the battery. Dry into the drying box. If you are afraid of any accidents, you can go directly to the hearing aid fitting center and let them perform dehumidification treatment.

However, some people say that they are smart or ignorant. They are really good at handling the hearing aids. They first take out the hearing aids and dry the water stains. Until these two steps are still no problem, they can be connected. Go straight down to the sun, or get a small stove to roast. Do you want to change your hearing aid as soon as possible? Even more, put it in the microwave oven. . . crazy? Want to experience the art of explosion?

Therefore, if you encounter this situation, you will not deal with it. The safest method is to return to the fitting center and let the fitter handle it for you. Secondly, in addition to daily maintenance of the hearing aid, it is best to go to the fitting center regularly. A professional maintenance, this will greatly help the life of your hearing aid.

Hearing aid drying box

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