Jinghao medical hearing aid rental business officially launched!

2018 11 Month 1 Day, Jinghao medical Hearing and Zhejiang Machine Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “machine”) formally signed a strategic agreement. The integration of the Internet and new retail has become a clear trend. The two sides will conduct in-depth and comprehensive cooperation around the offline user experience enhancement and online consumption model transformation to help the impoverished hearing impaired return to the sound world.

The machine has a representative and the Jinghao medical hearing representative signing

How can this cooperation help the hearing impaired?

Due to the late start of research and development of the hearing aid industry in China, it is not enough to meet the needs of the nationals. The patent technology is monopolized by foreign brands. Coupled with the huge investment in the early stage of hearing aid development, the hearing aids are expensive, and some users refuse to be outside the gate, making many poor listeners. People with disabilities cannot enjoy the convenience of hearing aids in their daily lives. Moreover, hearing aids are different from electronic devices in the traditional sense. Apart from factors such as brand and price, the most important thing is the “matching process”. Each person’s type of hearing loss is different, and they need to be examined by a professional audiologist. They should be fitted according to their hearing loss and choose a suitable hearing aid. Therefore, the pure-line online shopping form cannot provide professional services to users and cannot guarantee the user experience.

In order to enable the impoverished hearing impaired to enjoy the convenience of life brought by hearing aids, the Jinghao medical Hearing Link has launched a “offline fitting, online leasing” model. Users can conduct detailed hearing tests at the Jinghao medical Hearing and Matching Center, experience professional fitting services, select suitable hearing aid equipment, rent online on the machine with APP, and pass the professional credit evaluation of the platform. If you pay any fees, you can take better hearing aids, lower the threshold for access, enjoy the world’s advanced hearing aid new technology every year, feel the quality of listening and listening, and ease the urgent need for funds.

Taking a group photo

As the saying goes, the hero sees the same thing. As a chain service organization that provides auditory rehabilitation programs, Jinghao medical Listening insists on the initial intention of the founding: to build a bridge through the sound world for the majority of hearing-impaired patients. As early as 2016, Jinghao medical launched the “S-Meng” program, which provides children’s hearing aids for 0-12 children under the age of three months. It is free for three months to solve 3-6 months before the cochlear surgery. The benefits of the adaptation period and the experience of new technology hearing aids have now benefited more than 200 families. Mr. Chen Chengzhuang, the founder of Wenzhou, also had the same initial intention. Just last year, Chen Chengzhuang and 126 Wenshang representatives donated 2100 million yuan to the poor and severely handicapped children and adolescents.

Both the Jinghao medical hearing and the machine believe that only the corporate public welfare combined with the corporate mission can go longer and go further. In the new era, enterprises should take the initiative and actively undertake social responsibility and contribute to the society. A good corporate image is not only the foundation of a company based on society, but also the most important driving force for the sustainable development of the company. The cooperation between the two parties is the true practice of corporate social responsibility.


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Link:Jinghao medical hearing aid rental business officially launched!

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