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Can I swim with a hearing aid?

Swimming is a must-have exercise in the summer. Of course, we also listen to the hearing loss patients wearing hearing aids. Can we still wear hearing aids to swim in the water?

The answer is obviously not acceptable. The hearing aid has four defenses: waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and sunscreen. Waterproofing is in the first place, which shows his importance. At the same time, many hearing aids fail because they are damp or influx, so if you want to go swimming, you can take the hearing aid off.

But here are some people to say. The hearing aid I bought is a waterproof hearing aid. Why can’t I wear swimming? If not, what is the use of this waterproof?

Waterproof hearing aids refer to hearing aids that can protect against a small amount of water stains in a short period of time. They can be exposed to water for a long time, swimming, bathing, and raining. Even waterproof hearing aids will have certain problems.

But sometimes the hearing aid is too comfortable to wear, so sometimes you will forget that you have worn a hearing aid, and then accidentally jump into the water and cause the hearing aid to suffer. This time you have to remember to take off you immediately. Hearing aids, first wipe the surface water stains with a paper towel or a dry towel, then separate the battery and the hearing aid, and power off in time to avoid a short circuit, then the battery is lost, do not keep it. Then put the hearing aid into the dry box and dry it for a long time. If you are not at ease, you can take it to the fitting center for dehumidification.

In order to prevent this from happening on weekdays, you can make a small mark on the towel or swimsuit to avoid forgetting. In fact, when taking a bath or shampooing, take care of the hearing aid and then develop a habit. Kind of problem.

Wearing a hearing aid to swim

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