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Some bad habits that can easily cause hearing aid damage

Many people think that hearing aids are just a loudspeaker, but in fact this is an understanding of hearing aids decades ago. Today’s hearing aids are basically high-precision electronic products. We call them all-digital hearing aids.

These hearing aids are thousands of cheaper, and there are tens of thousands of expensive ones. Anyone who buys hearing aids will definitely want to use it for a longer period of time. Let’s talk about some bad habits that can easily cause hearing aid damage in daily life. .

The first point is not to pay attention to the maintenance of hearing aids.

Although the age of hearing aids is related to many factors, it is always inseparable. The maintenance of hearing aids, in the process of using hearing aids, it is inevitable that some dust particles, such as dirt and dirt, will enter the hearing aids. If you don’t do the maintenance work of the hearing aid, it is easy to damage it. This is why some people can use hearing aids.10Year, and some people can only use2.3Years, at the same time, the front also said that sputum can also cause hearing aid damage, so in addition to the maintenance of the hearing aid, but also pay attention to the cleanliness of the ear canal.

The second point of the hearing aid battery is not standardized.

The battery of the hearing aid is basically a pick-up zinc battery. If the hearing aid battery is used continuously or not picked up in time, it will cause the battery to leak and erode other parts of the hearing aid. In addition, the hearing aid is not used for a long time. But not taking the battery out will cause some damage to the hearing aid itself.

The third point of hearing aids does not pay attention to moisture.

Yes, I am talking about moisture protection, not waterproof, hearing aid waterproofing. I believe that as long as people who have used it know that such products are essential water sources, but there are few people who know the moisture, many people think that as long as they do not Water will not get wet. We all know that the air is water in the weekdays. In the wet rainy season, the water in the bathroom is more, so keep the moisture-proof work at all times and put the hearing aid into the dry box every night. Drying is carried out.

The fourth point of the hearing aid is not placed in the place where it was placed.

There are a lot of hearing loss patients who like to use their hearing aids when they don’t use them. They are placed on the coffee table on the table. Sometimes they even want to use the hearing aids but can’t find them. Before I met a customer, this type is casual. On the table, then there was a dog in his house. He saw the hearing aid. The dog didn’t know what it was. He pulled it down and played it. Then when he found out, the hearing aid had been smashed. Therefore, the hearing aid must be placed in a fixed place when not in use, and then installed in a small box to avoid forgetting.

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