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How to listen to the world again

I can’t hear and hear the voice of this world is completely incomprehensible and sensible to us, those who are hearing well. In order for these hearing loss patients to hear the sound again – the hearing aid appeared.

Hearing aids are a great invention that can help hearing patients to listen to the world again. With the development of hearing aid technology, the comfort and hearing aids of hearing aids are getting better and better.

So what should we do to have a better listening experience after wearing a hearing aid?

First of all, you must first learn to adapt to hearing aids. You must first let yourself know about hearing aids, then learn to adapt to him. How to adapt to hearing aids. I will not explain them in detail here.

Secondly, adapt to the voice of yourself and the outside world. After wearing the hearing aid, the sound of the outside world that you have heard has changed. The sound of your own voice will change. It is like you usually hold your ears and listen to the sound. But you can rest assured that wearing a hearing aid has been around for a long time, and you are naturally used to it.

Then you have to give yourself time to practice, usually if you have time, you can find a quiet environment, then close your eyes, let yourself calm down, then listen carefully, grab a voice around, and then identify it is What sounds, more training, and more times to discern multiple sounds.

There is also filtering noise. Although the hearing aids now have noise reduction, they do not eliminate noise. For those with normal hearing, we can hear the sound we want in a noisy environment. This is more difficult for patients with hearing loss, and the best way to regain this ability is to wear hearing aids regularly.

Learn to listen in a relatively difficult environment. For example, when you talk to one or more people, let the other person face you, then you can identify the voice, or you can listen to the sound in TV or radio and try to understand the meaning. If you don’t fall, you can understand it. After all, TV is a second-spreading voice that is not so easy to understand for patients with hearing loss.

Using a hearing aid

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