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After an explosion, you are paralyzed.

I don’t know if you have heard such a thing. A man passed a car. Who knows that the tire suddenly exploded. Then the man’s ear is smashed. A man puts a firecracker in the New Year and then a friend joked to his head and threw it in his ear. Then the man’s ear is paralyzed.

In fact, similar cases are still a lot in life. Maybe you think that you can’t meet them all your life, but in fact these dangers are not far from you.

The most deafness caused by the explosion was the era of the previous war, because of the loud explosions caused by various weapons, the deafness caused by such deafness, we call it detonation deafness.

In general, deafness deafness can cause hearing loss immediately after the explosion. Seriously, even losing all hearing and even permanent deafness in a short period of time is not terrible.

Then, after detonation deafness, can the hearing loss be restored?

It depends on which part of the ear you are causing the hearing loss to determine if your hearing loss can be recovered.

If your injury is in the middle ear and it is diagnosed as conductive deafness after examination, then the deafness is effective through medical treatment or surgery. Most of the hearing loss can be restored, such as the tympanic membrane perforation caused by the explosion. After the perforation is restored, the hearing will naturally recover.

However, if the position of the injury caused by your hearing loss is in the inner ear and it is detected as sensorineural deafness, it is difficult to treat. It is basically impossible to restore hearing. Deafness of this nature cannot restore hearing. Hearing can only be compensated by wearing a hearing aid.

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