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Do you need a hearing aid for mild hearing loss in your ears?

Hearing loss is basically unavoidable for everyone. As we get older, our hearing will drop, but in addition to this accident, in life, we are likely to encounter some accidents. Has your hearing decreased, has this situation led to the need for a hearing aid after a mild hearing loss of the ear?

In fact, the need to wear a hearing aid after a slight hearing loss is determined according to the specific situation. The standard of mild hearing loss is hearing loss.26 ~ 40Between decibels, in general, if you hear the hearing loss after hearing test,27.28Decibels are not a problem when communicating with others, as long as others speak a little louder.OKYou can hear the sound, then you don’t need to wear a hearing aid.

Second, if you check it out, the ear’s hearing loss is40Decibels are already between mild and moderate, or the environment you are in on a normal day is noisy. It is more difficult to communicate. Then I will definitely recommend you to wear a hearing aid. Hearing loss, coupled with staying in a noisy environment for a long time, will only make hearing easier to drop, so it is definitely recommended that you wear a hearing aid as soon as possible.

In addition, the hearing loss detected by the hospital or the fitting center is generally35Above the decibel, you will generally recommend wearing a hearing aid.

In fact, to judge whether you want to wear a hearing aid, in addition to the hearing situation I said above, the most important thing is to look at your own situation and the environment in peace. Simply put, if your hearing loss has affected your daily communication, such as listening to your family at home, you can’t hear the leader’s speech during the work meeting, then you must wear a hearing aid.

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