How to choose a hearing aid

Choosing a suitable hearing aid is a multi-faceted factor. For example, hearing loss, the nature of hearing loss, the environment of life, the requirements for hearing aids, the history of wearing, etc.

In theory, digitally-programmed hearing aids should be chosen for both adult and pediatric children, as long as they can obtain more accurate audiograms, because digital hearing aids have more advantages for hearing compensation. However, in view of the actual situation of patients and families, it is unrealistic to wear all digital cameras. Therefore, there is still a choice of hearing aids.

From the age point of view, children should choose ear-back hearing aids, as long as the body develops only need to change the ear mold regularly. If it is sensorineural deafness, it is recommended that children use high-power hearing aids.

Adults want to choose an in-ear hearing aid that meets the psychological requirements of masking hearing defects. However, if the patient has a foreign ear malformation or suppurative otitis media, it is not suitable to wear a customized hearing aid.

The range of choice for the elderly is wide, and the box type, the back of the ear, the inside of the ear, and the ear canal can be used. If you have senile deafness or other sensorineural deafness, then it is recommended to choose a computer-programmed all-digital hearing aid.

How to choose a hearing aid

From the perspective of hearing loss, mild, moderate, moderate, severe, severe, and extremely severe hearing aids can be selected for low power, medium power, medium and large power, high power, and extra power.

From the perspective of residual hearing quality, the hearing dynamic range is wide, and there is no re-vibration. The linear amplification circuit hearing aid can be selected. The hearing dynamic range is narrow, and the re-vibration can select the compression amplification circuit hearing aid.

From the perspective of the lack of auditory frequency, the left-angle hearing person chooses a hearing aid based on low-frequency amplification, and the wider-frequency person chooses a hearing aid based on full-frequency amplification.

In addition, the choice of hearing aid should also fully consider the nature of the wearer’s work, working environment, economic conditions and so on. Patients can go to a professional hearing aid fitting center, and the fitter will choose the hearing device that suits you based on your personal situation.

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