You are currently viewing Hello, Chongqing. —Congratulations to Jinghao Hearing Chongqing Center Grand Opening

Hello, Chongqing. —Congratulations to Jinghao Hearing Chongqing Center Grand Opening

Hello, Chongqing

nice to meet you

Beijing time

Jinghao medical hearing

In the beautiful mountain city

Chongqing rooted

Jinghao medical Hearing Chongqing Center

Grand opening

Let’s review it together

Jinghao medical Hearing Chongqing Auditory Rehabilitation Center Opening Ceremony

Live atlas

Onsite Atlas

Opening ceremony

Mao is telling the patients and their families about the original intention of the Jinghao medical Chongqing Hearing Center.

Hearing expert Duan Jirong is giving a lecture on the topic of “speaking is power” to parents of deaf children.

Teacher Liang Hongbin’s topic: The premise of rehabilitation for deaf children is the psychological rehabilitation of parents.

Mao always personally gave the child a donkey

Teacher Duan is undergoing audiological diagnosis

Luo Xin, manager of Chongqing Hearing Center, is testing hearing for patients.

Let us enjoy the Jinghao medical listening Chongqing Hearing Rehabilitation Center on the tall

Front office area

Audiometry area

Audiometry room

Matching room

Rest area

The entire internal facilities of the Chongqing Hearing Center are mainly composed of fresh and simple styles, with the Jinghao medical green as the benchmark color. Hey, have you been shocked by the Chongqing Listening Center on our tall?

Jinghao medical Hearing has always been committed to building a bridge to the sound world for the majority of hearing-impaired patients, helping the hearing-impaired people to listen to this wonderful world together, and the Jinghao medical is full of Chinese footprints.

Jinghao medical Hearing Chongqing Hearing Rehabilitation Center tips

If you are being troubled by hearing problems, please come to the hearing rehabilitation center in our country, our professional audiologist will answer your questions.
You can also call the national hotline:
+400 800

The establishment of each new hearing center,

Is a brand new start,

I wish the Chongqing Hearing Center a successful opening.
The Jinghao medical is always on the road

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