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Several common hearing aid price misunderstandings

The world’s first hearing aid is1896Invented in the year, although there is already100Many years of history, but so far there are still many people do not understand hearing aids, the price of hearing aids is not very clear, and even many people have not seen hearing aids do not know long.

Here we talk about a few misunderstandings about the price of hearing aids.

One of the misunderstandings: hearing aids are very cheap as long as one or two hundred dollars.

This is not a problem when you put it ten or twenty years ago. The hearing aids at those times are indeed the price. They can only sell this price. Now it is different. Now the technology of hearing aids is very different in the past. Now The hearing aids are not bought for one or two hundred yuan. The hearing aids of this price were called analog hearing aids. The current hearing aids are called digital hearing aids. The cheaper ones are thousands, and the expensive ones are tens of thousands.

Misunderstanding 2: The more expensive the hearing aid, the better.

I said that the price of hearing aids should be tens of thousands, but it does not mean that the more expensive the price, the better. I have encountered many hearing loss patients. They all have one characteristic. The family is very rich, so what is it? In order to make their own hearing better, they asked us to ask for the most expensive hearing aid. Although you have money, you can’t do it. The choice of hearing aid price is not only based on the economic conditions of your family, but the most important one. It depends on your hearing loss.

Misunderstanding 3: The higher the price, the better the hearing aid effect.

In fact, this point is similar to the above point. Although the hearing aid effect is related to the price, the relationship is not so important. For example, if you are a mild hearing loss patient, it takes4.5I bought a very expensive, high-end hearing aid is not necessary, the effect may not be very good, according to your own specific audition results, it sounds clear, comfortable to wear a good hearing aid.

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