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Several facts about deafness

Deafness is also known as hearing loss. Hearing loss is called professional. Deafness is our common name, but in fact most hearing patients prefer to be called hearing loss instead of deafness.

Here are a few of the facts about deafness for everyone.

One of the facts around the world4.66Millions of people suffer from hearing loss.

At this4.66About 100 million people3400Ten thousand people are children, if no more measures are taken2030The number of people will increase to6.3Billion people, to2050The number of people may reach9More than 100 million people.

The second fact does not deal with hearing loss, which will cause global damage every year.7500The loss of 10,000 dollars.

This figure is quite large. Many people think that this is a deafness. How can there be such a big loss? In fact, these losses include education, health, the employment sector, as well as interventions for deafness, prevention, treatment, and development of hearing aid equipment.

The third fact is that many people are45There will be varying degrees of hearing loss at the beginning of the year.

The hearing loss here is only senile deafness, basically from45At the beginning of the age, there will be a loss of hearing. This is called senile deafness. It is inevitable. It is only an age problem, but it will have a certain impact according to your daily living habits, but it is undeniable.80The case of the old-age hearing situation is still alive.

The fourth fact is that noise is still the most serious cause of hearing loss.

There are many reasons for hearing loss, but for now, one of the most serious causes of noise is estimated by the World Health Organization.11The young people of 100 million are exposed to entertainment noise for a long time and cause hearing loss.12To35Between the ages, entertainment noises such as concerts,Ktv, bars, etc.

The output of the fifth hearing aid cannot keep up with demand.

After hearing loss, we all know that we need to wear a hearing aid to compensate for hearing, but the current output of hearing aids is in line with global demand.10%Can’t reach it.

Deafness hearing loss

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