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Turkic prevention is important

Turk is a terrible thing. Imagine that suddenly your ears are stunned and you can’t hear them. It’s a thing that makes people’s backs cool.

Therefore, for the treatment, the prevention of sudden deafness is more important.

Let me introduce some ways to prevent abruptness.

1. The principle of noise source, to avoid contact noise, the current noise is still the most cause of hearing loss.

2. Avoid staying up late, many people suffer from abruptness because they stay up all night, and the results come together in the morning, so it is very important to develop a good habit.

3. It is not necessary for me to say more about smoking and drinking, smoking and drinking. The impact is much.

4. Avoid taking ototoxic drugs. Before you take the medicine, ask your doctor if the medicine is ototoxic, so as not to use post-ear deafness.

Sudden deafness

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