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If you have otitis media, will you pour water?

Most of us know that the ear is pus, which is otitis media. Is it that all otitis media will pus? Not necessarily, in general, as long as the inflammation of the middle ear cavity inside the tympanic membrane, we are called otitis media.

But there is a concept for otitis media that needs to be clear. Not all otitis media will be pus.

For example, our tympanic membrane is perforated due to otitis media, and then the pus flows out. This is called purulent otitis media. This type of otitis media is pus, and the other one is also suffering from otitis media, but because of the virulence of bacteria. Not enough, the tympanic membrane is still intact, all the secretions accumulate in the middle ear cavity, there is no outflow, this otitis media is called secretory otitis media, alias catarrhal otitis media.

So what if we get otitis media?

For otitis media, we need the right medicine to find out what causes otitis media. If it is because of inflammation caused by otitis media, we should use anti-inflammatory drugs to let the inflammation subside. It is worth mentioning that secretory otitis media is like the tympanic membrane I said above. It’s complete, so it’s useless to use any ear drops. Secondly, there are two factors that may cause otitis media: one is adenoid hypertrophy and the other is a tumor. These two points are the same. To cure the cause, the otitis media can be resolved.

So if we have medication after otitis media with effusion, what is the effect? what can we do about it?

If we still have no improvement after drug treatment, then we can consider surgery, in fact, the treatment is quite simple, that is, cut a hole in the tympanic membrane, then put a snorkel into the mouth, convenient ear effusion Flow out and promote recovery.

We need to pay attention to the following points after the operation:

The first point. Avoid water in your ears. After the operation is finished, don’t forget that there are still tubes in your ear. The tympanic membrane is also porous. If the sewage flows along the tube into the middle ear and then causes infection, it is conceivable that the consequences are serious. So take a shower and wash your hair. When you swim, remember to block your ears and avoid getting in the water.

Second point. Avoid a cold. Many otitis media are caused by colds, so avoid colds, colds can cause otitis media to recur, even if you can’t avoid it, usually prevent it.

The third point. Don’t dig your ears. After the operation, don’t go to the handcuffs to dig the ear lice. At the same time, there may be some itching in the ear canal. I will endure it. If you dig and dig up and dig up the pipe, it will be better if you dig it out. Spend money to get the surgery out? Is this money spent?

fourth point. Avoid strenuous exercise. Yes, you need to avoid strenuous exercise, but the general exercise is not very important.

Otitis media

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