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Why do older people always suffer from deafness?

Old people’s deafness can be said to be a very common phenomenon. The appearance of deafness will have a great impact on our health and so on. So why are older people so susceptible to deafness?

The main reasons are as follows:


All life has its own cycle. The older you are, the more powerful your body’s functions will be. The auditory organs are also one of them. Your auditory central nervous system will also decline. This is The direct cause of senile deafness is unavoidable.

two. noise

Unlike most of our young people, most of them are sitting in the office. From the working environment, the noise is much smaller, and many of their generations are working in the factory. The noise of the large machines in the factory can be imagined. For a long time in this noisy environment, they have already caused irreversible damage to their ears. Coupled with the increase of age, deafness is inevitable.

three. diet

You will find that many older people taste more heavy, like to eat more salty food, plus our Chinese customs, Chinese New Year, many new year’s sauce duck, bacon, etc. are some high-salt and high-fat foods. If these things are eaten too much, the cholesterol will be too high, the blood will be thick, and the inner ear will not circulate, causing deafness.

four. disease

There are still many chronic diseases in the elderly, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These are all causes of deafness. Therefore, in the treatment of deafness, the treatment of such diseases cannot be neglected. Many times, deafness is not A single disease is a complication of other diseases.

Fives. bad habit

Staying up late can cause deafness. Although the elderly basically don’t stay up late, I still have to mention it. Many Turks are caused by this. Secondly, many old people are old smokers, old drunks, nothing to follow, imi Small wine, in fact, these bad habits do not need to damage our body at all. I know everyone knows, I will not talk about smoking, the damage can say one day, why does drinking also cause deafness? Alcohol is irritating to our throat mucosa, so people who drink more alcohol are more likely to suffer from pharyngitis. Pharyngitis can cause obstruction of the eustachian tube, resulting in tinnitus and hearing loss.

Senile deafness

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