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Can you relieve your tinnitus by wearing a hearing aid?

People with tinnitus often feel that we don’t feel anything that people without tinnitus can’t feel at all, especially at night, the quieter the outside world, the louder the sound in your ears, the more tinnitus sounds I have. I don’t elaborate, the most common ones are humming, doorbells.

The existence of tinnitus will seriously affect our lives, work, and let us be in an anxious, irritable state every day. Many people have spent a lot of money on medicine for treating tinnitus, taking medicine, etc., but the effect is not satisfactory. At the same time, some people have not used the western medicine after taking these western medicines, but the results are not cured, the money has not yet been cured. The body has also eaten badly. There are a lot of studies showing that tinnitus can cause anxiety in patients.,Depression can occur,Even some patients can commit suicide.

Later on the Internet I heard that you can relieve your tinnitus by wearing a hearing aid. Is this true?

In fact, have you discovered that tinnitus patients often describe that the tinnitus is particularly noisy at night and in the evening, but during the daytime, there is no tinnitus in the noisy environment, but whether it is day or night, tinnitus is a presence, but during the daytime Because the outside noise is too large, the patient is generally not easy to hear the tinnitus, and is covered by the outside noise. The use of hearing aids to relieve tinnitus actually uses this characteristic. The external voice is used to suppress tinnitus, which is what we call masking treatment. .

At the same time, people have used this feature to invent the tinnitus therapy device. The general hospital will use this for the treatment of tinnitus. However, because the cost is too high and the treatment time is too long, you have to go to the hospital frequently, which leads many people to accept it instead of choosing it. Hearing aids are recommended.

The patient can mask the tinnitus by wearing a hearing aid and then amplifying the signal by him. After wearing the hearing aid, there is about50%The patients with tinnitus are relieved, and the effect is different depending on the situation of different people. And many tinnitus patients also have deafness, wearing a hearing aid can not only compensate for hearing, but also cover the tinnitus, which does not kill two birds?

Wearing a hearing aid to relieve tinnitus

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