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When can I wear a hearing aid?

Deafness is a condition that everyone is very familiar with. Hearing aids and deafness are matched, just like glasses and myopia.

So when can we wear hearing aids? Many people say that hearing aids can be worn after deafness, but in fact this is not all right.

Regardless of your hearing loss, you must determine what nature of the deafness you are wearing before wearing the hearing aid, and then wear the hearing aid after the corresponding treatment, the effect is not obvious or no effect.

Here I give you an example. If a deaf patient is a conductive deafness and the cause of deafness is embolism, can he wear a hearing aid right away? Obviously it is not possible, although there is no such check in the hospital that does not check, directly let the doctor with the hearing aid, but at least you still need to know this.

As for the patients with conductive deafness caused by the sputum embolism mentioned above, it is only necessary to remove the clogged sputum in the ear canal, and there is no need to wear a hearing aid.

In the case of another deaf patient, for example, he is sudden deafness caused by some reason. As everyone knows, hearing can be reduced to a minimum in a short period of time, and the patient can’t hear it, then Is it right to wear a hearing aid at this time? No, patients with sudden abruptness should also be treated first. The hearing condition of the sudden abrupt patient is very unstable. It should be observed and treated first. After the patient’s hearing condition is stable, the hearing aid is worn. Otherwise, it is not appropriate for you to wear it, and the hearing situation does not match.

The two examples I mentioned above can be said to be quite typical, so don’t rush to the hearing aid immediately after encountering this situation. If you are not sure, you can ask the doctor or the fitter and tell them their own. Whether this situation requires a hearing aid or treatment first.

When our patients have determined that they need to wear a hearing aid, or they can wear a hearing aid immediately, don’t drag it. The longer you drag, the more serious your hearing loss will be. The hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid will be worse. Although so much is said, the principle of hearing aids is as early as possible, and hearing aids can be worn when a series of factors have stabilized. At the same time, the hearing aid can also protect your residual hearing and ease the rate of hearing loss.

Wearing a hearing aid

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