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Is the ear hearing poor, is it useful to wear a hearing aid?

Many people think that deafness is far away from them, but they don’t know that deafness is actually very advanced from us, and it is almost a symptom that everyone can’t escape.

When our age is getting bigger, the characteristics of deafness are obvious. In your influence, the elderly are not a white hair, they are slow, a little bit behind, and the back of the ear is called deafness. When your After I am older, I will6.70You will also see this when you are old.

The ear can not hear clearly, can not hear is a very uncomfortable time, when others chat, you want to insert a few words, often because of deafness, can not understand and can not join their topic, but we want When you want to treat deafness, you are often beaten by a sentence that cannot be cured. Then we have no way to hear the sound again.

After deafness, we can choose to wear hearing aids to compensate for hearing. Someone here has to ask. Even medicine, doctors say that deafness can’t be cured, can I use hearing aids?

Useful, this is inevitable, wearing hearing aids and medications are different, those who are deaf patients go to the hospital for treatment is to restore hearing, and doctors are mainly based on this result in treatment, but Many deafnesses are incurable, and the effect of dying is relieved, so the effect is naturally not good.

Wearing a hearing aid is not the same. The purpose of the hearing aid is not to treat, nor to help you recover your hearing, but to help you compensate for your hearing.

Hearing aids use the magnification of your residual hearing to let you hear the sounds of the outside world. In theory, as long as there is residual hearing, wearing a hearing aid is effective, so residual hearing is particularly important for hearing aids.

However, it is necessary to talk about the hearing aid effect after wearing the hearing aid in the later stage. Some patients are deaf.20For many years, after wearing a hearing aid, I can’t immediately hear the sound. After all, the hearing loss has been too long, and the auditory center of the brain has become very sluggish. In a sense, the brain has become accustomed to the silent state and wants to hear clearly. It still takes a long time to wear a hearing aid to adapt slowly.

In addition, the hearing aid is not equal to the real ear, even if the high-end hearing aid is also distorted, so the sound you want to hear after wearing the hearing aid is just as impossible as the real ear. You must have a reasonable expectation before you wear it. Only then.

Hearing aid is not good for hearing

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