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The elderly have otitis media, can you have a hearing aid?

Many elderly people have deafness and symptoms of hearing loss. With the popularization of hearing aids, people have paid more attention to hearing health. More and more people know that they need to be equipped with hearing aids after deafness.

However, some elderly people not only have deafness but also otitis media. If the elderly have otitis media, can they be equipped with hearing aids?

In fact, this score is two, one is during the period of otitis media, and the other is otitis media.

First, if your otitis media is still in the onset, then we do not recommend wearing a hearing aid. If you wear a hearing aid during the attack, otitis media will cause more secretions, which may block the hearing aid and cause the hearing aid to be damaged. The damage of the pus to the hearing aid is still quite large, so during the episode of otitis media, we should treat the otitis media first, and then wear the hearing aid after the inflammation has subsided.

The second is that the old man used to have otitis media. Later, it is better. Can you still have a hearing aid?

This kind of can be directly equipped with hearing aids, but there is a premise. For patients who have had otitis media, we do not recommend the use of ear machines. In-ear hearing aids can block the ear canal, resulting in no ventilation in the ear. It may cause the recurrence of otitis media. Therefore, we recommend the eardrum machine for otitis media patients, instead of the in-ear machine. For patients with light hearing loss, open-ended ear-back machines can be used.

In addition, if the tympanic membrane causes perforation of the tympanic membrane, it is also necessary to pay more attention to the cleaning of the ear canal during the week, to prevent the dirty water from entering the ear canal to cause infection, to keep the ear canal dry, and also to pay attention to the cleaning of the hearing aid.

Otitis media with hearing aid

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