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Does noise have an effect on the fetus?

The definition of noise is the sound that affects people’s normal life, study, work, and the sound that people want to hear. We call it noise.

The harm caused by noise I believe that everyone knows that except for the most significant damage to our hearing organs, affecting hearing, noise will also affect other systems of our body such as nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, Digestive organs and so on.

Generally speaking85The sound above decibels will cause damage to the hair cells in our cochlea.100The decibel is the sound of the tractor.110Decibel is the sound produced by the chainsaw when it works.120Decibels in this type of environment for a minute can cause temporary deafness.139Decibel is the shout of the World Cup.140Decibel is the highest critical point defined by the European Union that causes complete hearing loss.190Decibel can cause death, although it is not currently available in nature.190The existence of decibel sound, but I have seen it in a scientific magazine. About the ocean, sometimes the ocean can be issued under certain circumstances.190The sound above the decibel, although I don’t know the true and false, is still worth exploring.

Well, so much has been pulled back to the topic, does noise affect the fetus?

The answer is yes. Studies have shown that the IQ level of a child born after exposure to strong noise during pregnancy is lower than that of the same condition but not exposed to noise.95Above decibels.

Also if you are exposed during pregnancy100The noise above the decibel, then the baby born is likely to have hearing loss, because the noise has an impact on the development of the baby’s hearing organs.

So how do we prevent noise?

Many people think that the noise heard by the baby is transmitted by the mother’s auditory organs, and then they are recommended to use earplugs to protect the hearing. In fact, it is only the mother’s hearing that protects the baby’s hearing. The baby’s hearing still does not protect.

For children in the womb, the noise they receive is transmitted through the mother’s abdomen. Although there are other organs such as the uterus and amniotic fluid, the effect is not as ideal as you think. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the prenatal education. Bigger can cause fetal hearing loss.

So how do we protect the hearing of the fetus?

Don’t listen to any remedies, what herbs, health products, health ear products, etc. can protect your hearing, don’t trust these things, after eating, nothing is good, just eat When something goes wrong, all of a sudden, two people have problems, and you say that there is no loss.

The best method is the principle noise source, which is eliminated from the source. As long as it does not touch the noise, where do these problems come from?


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