You are currently viewing The left ear has normal hearing and the right ear has hearing loss. What should I do?

The left ear has normal hearing and the right ear has hearing loss. What should I do?

This problem is simply a single ear hearing loss. We can also call hearing loss, hearing loss, and this phenomenon. What should I do if there is hearing loss in one ear?

In fact, we don’t need to panic, don’t worry, many patients have deafness, can’t hear, when they can’t hear clearly, they suddenly panic up, brains to make up for themselves for a lifetime, and then they can’t hear what to do. . Then I was rushed to the doctor, but I can imagine that the end result is often a bad result.

When we find that one of our deaf ears has symptoms of hearing loss, don’t worry, go to the hospital to have a hearing test to see what causes hearing loss and your hearing loss.

When checking what causes the cause, you can treat it first. The medical treatment can be treated. If it can be cured, it is of course the best, but if the treatment has no effect after a period of time, or the effect is not significant, Don’t panic, didn’t you let you do a hearing test before, take your hearing test report to the local hearing aid fitting center, with a hearing aid.

Yes, after hearing loss, after a period of treatment, there is no fruit, we can choose to use a hearing aid.

Someone will say, what is the use of hearing aids, can I cure my deafness?

It is of course useful to have a hearing aid, but it is not possible to treat your deafness. It is because the hearing aid is not used to treat deafness, but to compensate you for hearing and to hear the sound.

The function of the hearing aid is the same as that of the glasses. Although it can’t be used for treatment, it can help us to hear the sound. The principle of the hearing aid is to use your residual hearing to let you hear the outside world.

And when we find that we have hearing loss, we need to wear the hearing aid as soon as possible. The hearing aid after the hearing aid is worn has a lot to do with the length of your hearing loss. Generally speaking, the longer the hearing loss is, regardless of other factors. The hearing aid effect after you wear a hearing aid will be worse, so you need to intervene early and treat it early.

Deafness, wearing a hearing aid

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