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Jinghao medical Hearing is a hearing sharing service brand for professional hearing aids. It is a rehabilitation service for multi-project services such as audiology testing, hearing aid fitting and debugging, deaf speech rehabilitation, ear mold making, hearing aid maintenance and second-class medical equipment management. mechanism.

[Jinghao medical Hearing and Sorrow Power Hearing Aid for Ten Years Celebration]


[Huimin nearly 20 years, the Jinghao medical fans sent a variety of thank you letter, thank you banner]

Jinghao medical Hearing has advanced electric audiometry instruments, cutting-edge hearing aid technology and strong technical expert support team, providing American Belltone, Danish Resound, Swiss Phonak, Danish Oticon, American Stark, Singapore Siwantuo Danish listeners and many other internationally renowned brands of hearing aids.

Jinghao medical Hearing will constantly refresh its service concept, and build a communication bridge for the majority of hearing impaired people with the latest hearing aid technology, the best products and the most optimized service.


[Partial advanced equipment display in the fitting room]

Jinghao medical hearing aid S sprouting plan:

As early as 2016, Jinghao medical launched the “S-Meng” program, which provides children’s hearing aids for 0-17 children under the age of three months. It is free for three months to solve 3-6 months before the cochlear surgery. The benefits of the adaptation period and the experience of new technology hearing aids have now benefited more than 200 families.

[S sprouting plan]

Jinghao medical Hearing Reminder: Hearing aids need to be professionally “fitted”. It is very important to choose a professional hearing aid fitting center and hearing aid fittings. You can have any hearing problems with your hearing friends, or you can call the Jinghao medical. Come to the fitting center experience. Hearing aid free consultation phone: +86-18566295705

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