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The old man’s ears are not good, so pay attention.

Everyone who has an old man at home will basically find that the ears of the old people are more or less a little bit behind the ear, which is commonly known as deafness. The deafness of the elderly is called senile deafness.

So what are the symptoms of senile deafness?

Generally, the elderly are old.60 ~ 75Between the ages, the incidence of senile deafness can reach65%.

Among elderly patients with deafness60%I have tinnitus, and the initial transition is intermittent, and the transition will last. If it is pulse pulsating tinnitus, it is likely to have high blood pressure.

Memory, decreased attention, and the deterioration of the body’s various sensations, body aging and so on.

Most of the senile deafness is in both ears, but the degree of deafness in both ears is not necessarily the same.

Most of the senile deafness suffers from rejuvenation, which means that it is whispered and loud.

Older people should be treated promptly after suffering from deafness, so that the deafness becomes more serious.

Senile deafness

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