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What is going on when I wake up in the morning?

Ear squeak is actually very common, whether you wake up in the morning or sleep at night, we can call it tinnitus. There are many reasons for tinnitus, such as diseases in the ear, excessive pressure, high noise exposure, etc. Some tinnitus is temporary, and it can be recovered after a while, and some are not. If your tinnitus exceeds3More than a day, then you need to be vigilant.

Let me teach you self-testing tinnitus

l The sound of the ear is more than3More than days

l There is no sound in the outside world, there is a sound in your ear.

l Hear a steady and continuous sound such as humming, wind, and bird sounds.

l Feeling of earache when tinnitus

l It doesn’t feel obvious during the day, and the sound in the ear is very loud at night.

l affect sleep, life, work

l The temper is getting more and more violent, often restless

l feel dizzy

l feel the hearing gradually decline

After discovering that you have tinnitus, don’t panic, go to the hospital for examination. Some tinnitus can detect causality. If you can find out the results, you can carry out targeted treatment. The effect is also good.

Can not find the results can use drugs to relieve tinnitus or through the hearing aid to cover the sound of tinnitus.


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