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Can you achieve normal hearing levels by wearing a hearing aid after deafness?

Deafness is actually a very common phenomenon, and now, for various reasons, the age of deaf patients is also learning to be smaller, and many young people are also suffering from deafness, so surely someone will ask for hearing aids after hearing the deafness. The level of hearing?

Hearing aids are actually an auxiliary device that helps you hear the sound. The attention is to help you hear, not to recover. Many people still think that hearing aids are used to treat hearing. After wearing hearing aids, they can recover their hearing. I think that the hearing aid is therapeutic and it is good to wear deafness. This is not the case. The purpose of wearing a hearing aid is to help you hear the sound that you could not hear, not the treatment.

Then can the hearing aids reach the normal hearing level? No, it really can’t, even if it’s a high-end machine, it can’t be done at least. It’s impossible with current technology. No matter what kind of hearing aid can’t replace the real ear, there will be a certain distortion rate. The reason why patients are disappointed with hearing aids is because they don’t know this, and their expectations are too high before buying a hearing aid.

Although the normal hearing level cannot be achieved, the hearing aid effect is still controllable. In other words, the hearing aid effect is still linked to many factors, such as the degree of hearing loss of the patient, the length of hearing loss, and so on.

Many times, deafness is not taken seriously by everyone. Generally, he will go with him if he can’t understand anything. When he really can’t hear it, he will pay attention to it before he starts wearing a hearing aid, but often because of the long time of hearing loss, hearing loss. The degree is too serious, and the effect after wearing a hearing aid is not so significant.

We have repeatedly stressed that wearing hearing aids must be as early as possible after hearing deafness, but everyone does not pay much attention to hearing health, especially some elderly people, who feel that they can’t hear clearly, that is, they have a little bit of back, and it’s better to speak louder. There is no need to wear hearing aids. At the same time, many people think that wearing a hearing aid is not beautiful, and they will not be treated with a different look. In fact, you think more, not so many people pay attention to you, and the mentality should be put.

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