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Whether the child wears a hearing aid will affect his original hearing

For children, learning a language is very important, but if the hearing is not good, can’t hear, and can’t hear the outside world, then it is not a simple matter to learn the language, so the current parents For children’s hearing health problems are also getting more and more serious, and found that children with hearing problems will immediately give them a hearing aid, then the child wearing a hearing aid can affect his original hearing.

Wearing a hearing aid after a professional fit will not affect the hearing, and will not lead to further hearing loss.

One of the reasons why hearing loss occurs after wearing a hearing aid is that the patient does not perform the fitting, but instead buys a simulator on the Internet or elsewhere, which can be seen everywhere.2.3The hundred yuan hearing aid is the simulator. This kind of hearing aid is linear amplification, which will amplify the sound received by the outside world. This causes a very serious problem. The simulator will enlarge the noise together and directly pass it into your ear. Inside, it will lead to the patient’s further hearing loss after wearing the hearing aid.

There may be patients here, why I passed the professional fitting, and spent2wDid you buy a hearing aid or did you have a hearing loss?

In fact, this is normal. As time goes by, the increase in age, most of the hearing loss is aggravated. Although you can reduce the speed of hearing loss after wearing a hearing aid, you can’t stop it completely. Even if you wear a hearing aid, there will still be a decline in hearing.

So if it is a normal hearing person, will it have any effect after wearing a hearing aid?

Listening to hearing aids is only harmful and unhelpful. It will not improve your hearing, but it will cause a lot of discomfort. So if your hearing is normal, don’t wear a hearing aid.

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