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What is the cause of hearing aid failure?

As a kind of high-tightness electronic products, hearing aids are prone to fault damage, but most of them are caused by human improper operation. What causes the hearing aid to be damaged?

The first type: squatting in the ear.

We can also call it deafness. In many cases, the hearing aid does not sound because the receiver is blocked by the ear sputum. The deafness is divided into dry and wet. No matter what kind of deafness, deafness will automatically exclude us when we usually walk and chew. The ear canal, but not all, there will still be a part of the residual, some wearer of the in-ear hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid blocked the ear canal, the deaf has no way to go, can only enter the receiver, Therefore, patients wearing hearing aids usually need to pay attention to the cleanliness in the ear canal.

The second type: water stains, water vapor.

All electronic products are inseparable from a natural enemy – water. Many people know that hearing aids are afraid of water and therefore will be consciously taken off while swimming in the bath, but they have forgotten one thing, water vapor. Where did you put it after you really picked it up? In the bathroom? Still in the locker room of the pool? These places have a characteristic, the water vapor is very heavy, to some extent, the water vapor is not terrible, so don’t expose the hearing aid directly to this humid environment, which is very easy to cause damage. .

The third type: fall.

There are many parts inside the hearing aid that are connected by very small ducts. It is likely to cause breakage after falling off, and the outer casing is also damaged. It is very likely that it will be crushed by the roadside car. Imagine, You walked on the road, and as a result, one did not pay attention to the hearing aid, and it rolled onto the road, a rut.~After the opening, let’s scream, your hearing aid is broken, broken and smashed, distressed and not distressed, so it is very important to prevent the hearing aid from falling, especially the wearer of the behind-the-ear hearing aid, it is best to fix it with a fixed rope. Hearing aids.

Hearing aid failure

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