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Celebrate National Day | 70 Anniversary of the Motherland

1949 10 Month 1 Day on Tiananmen Square

The great Chairman Mao announced to the world

The People’s Republic of China was established!

Me and my country

Me and my country

Can’t divide at a moment

No matter where I go

All out a hymn

We are welcoming the 70 National Day.

In order to celebrate the motherland’s mother


Hearing impaired friends who are the same age or birthday of the same country

National Day event


1Specify the hearing aid model to enjoy the National Day discount price

2 can meet the application conditions can applyHearing aid fitting grant

Application conditions:

Proof of identity

(subject to the original ID card)

2 during the event在Jinghao系统门店购买助听器

3 purchase the designated hearing aid model

Activity time:

【application process】

Buy a hearing aid

Small program application grant


Fit and subsidize

Jinghao在On the occasion of the National Day

Say hello to everyone and wish everyone a happy holiday.


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