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Is hearing getting worse after wearing a hearing aid?

It is undeniable that no matter how we promote science, there are still some people who think that wearing a hearing aid will lead to worse hearing.

However, in fact, the accurate fitting and proper wearing of the hearing aid will not cause the hearing to become worse.

Some people bought it online.2.3After wearing the hearing aid for a hundred yuan, I found that my hearing was getting worse and then complaining that the hearing aid is a product that can make people change. Who can blame? Isn’t it because you bought a simulator for your own greed?

My so-called simulator is the kind of low-end machine that is loud and noisy after being put on, and then audible and inaudible. These hearing aids have long been eliminated. Nowadays, the insomnia is basically digital, and these simulations are Some dealers or manufacturers are clearing the goods and then selling them to those who are unclear.

One of the common problems with this type of hearing aid is that I said that after listening to it, I listened loudly and loudly, and I couldn’t hear it clearly. Especially for patients with rejuvenation, it was a torture. These patients were very afraid of noise. The noise is higher than the average person, plus wearing this kind of hearing aid, can you not be noisy?

There are still a group of people who are deeply affected by the rumor that the hearing aids are wearing more and more swearing. They are poisoned and believe in this sentence. Then they understand the hearing aids. They know that the current hearing aids need professional fittings. Professional institutions bought it, but after buying it for a while, I felt that hearing was still falling.

This is a normal phenomenon. Our hearing organs will degenerate with our age. Therefore, it is quite normal for this phenomenon. Although hearing aids can alleviate the hearing loss, there is no guarantee that hearing will not fall at all. So don’t worry too much, saying that the more the hearing aids are worn, the more rumors are.

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