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Are you aware of the cause of senile deafness?

Senile deafness is no stranger to us, and it can be said that almost every one of us may suffer from senile deafness.

So what are the reasons why we suffer from senile deafness?

One of the reasons: aging of the hearing organs.

It is undeniable that the aging of the hearing organs is a big factor in the senile deafness. Every organ in our body has a longevity. When people are old, these organs will grow old, so as they grow older, These organs will also slowly degenerate and everyone cannot escape.

The second reason: bad habits.

Statistics show that there are more male deaf patients than female deafness. Other factors are excluded because of some bad habits, smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc. Most of the first two men account for a lot of people. Excessive smoking and drinking will be This leads to an increase in blood viscosity, which causes the inner ear to not circulate and cause deafness.

The third reason: noise.

Why do you think people in remote villages are generally better at hearing than those in our cities? It’s because they don’t have as much environment as there are in our city, so often, so noisy noise, long-term exposure to noise will make senile deafness faster.

The fourth reason: eat.

People are iron rice is steel, people can not leave the food, for the food, the only thing in the world that can not eat is the loss, while enjoying the food, many diseases are also eaten by us, high salt, high fat and high sugar Eat less food, try not to eat, it is cool when you eat, and you have to kill your sickness.

The fifth reason: heredity.

Genetics is not only likely to suffer from congenital deafness, but senile deafness is also a genetic factor in it. As for how it is inherited, what is the probability? According to Zhai, I am not talking about it here. It is too complicated and interesting. You can go to Baidu to check some information.

Senile deafness

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