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Deafness is so common, why are there few people wearing hearing aids?

Deafness is actually due to hearing impairment, resulting in varying degrees of hearing loss, hearing loss, hearing loss, which we generally say is deafness.

Myopia is very common, and deafness is actually the same. We can’t hear it every day. If you can’t hear it, you can call it deaf. People wearing glasses catch a lot on the street, and even many people regard wearing glasses as a kind of The trend, so bright and deaf, is so common, but can’t see a few people wearing hearing aids?

One of the reasons, although deafness is common, but it is not universal to the level of myopia. Nowadays people are staring at mobile computers every day. It is difficult to think about myopia, because the living environment has led to more and more people with myopia.

For the next reason, most deaf patients do not want to wear a hearing aid or are unwilling to wear it. Many people have rejected hearing aids from their hearts. They think that this is something that people with disabilities can wear. I also said that wearing glasses has become a trend, but wearing hearing aids is not. Although we all recognize glasses, they are big. Some people do not recognize hearing aids, and their popularity has not reached the point of glasses.

Many people think that hearing aids are not good-looking, and they are afraid of others laughing at them. Therefore, they do not choose to wear hearing aids. They are afraid to walk on the street. Because they wear hearing aids, they feel that they are a different kind, and they are made irresponsible. Don’t think so much, others are not looking at you at all, or can’t see it at all.

Secondly, the hearing aid is too small and too concealed. Many people think that the hearing aid is a big pendant hanging on the ear. In fact, it is only one of the hearing aids. It is precisely because many people reject the shape of the hearing aid and fear the loss of the hearing aid. Manufacturers will make hearing aids smaller and smaller and more subtle.

Nowadays, many invisible hearing aids are not found by you without careful observation. There are also deep ear canal hearing aids, which are so easy to find in the ear canal.

When we find that we have hearing loss, it is best to wear a hearing aid as early as possible to avoid further hearing loss. Many times it feels like someone else is watching you is just your psychological role, so don’t worry too much about it.

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