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Some common sense of popular science ears

The ear is one of the facial features of our face. It is also an organ that allows me to hear the sound. Here, I will give you some common knowledge about the ear.

One. The structure of the ear is extremely complicated.

The ear has the smallest bones and bones in the human body, and the space between the middle ear and the inner ear is very small, but the structure is very complicated.

two. Wearing headphones for one hour, the bacteria in the ear increased700Times.
Especially in-ear headphones, because the ear canal is blocked, which leads to problems with ventilation. If there is a problem with ventilation, the ear canal becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So we are better off wearing headphones.45Minutes, it is best to use that type of headphones.

three. Some dizziness is related to the ear.

The important function of the vestibular semicircular canal of the inner ear is to maintain body balance, and once the level of endolymph fluid is disturbed, it will cause dizziness. That’s why people spin up too quickly and people feel dizzy.

four. The ear canal is “automatically updated” every year.

The skin in the ear canal is about every year3.3 cmOf course, it is also automatically detached every year. If you don’t fall off, you will grow up.20When you are old, the ear canal will grow to the outside of your ear.60.96 cmThe place.

Fives. The ear is still working while sleeping.

While sleeping, the ear will still work to accept the voice of the outside world, so sometimes when you are awakened by the voice of the outside world, you don’t know, the brain is blank.

six. Too high a voice will kill you.

Sound exceeds90Decibels can cause damage to our ears.120The sound of decibels will make us temporarily deaf.160The sound of decibels will pierce our tympanic membrane.190Decibels can cause death and death. Some people in foreign countries have discovered that the ocean can be issued under certain special conditions.190The sound of decibels.

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