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Are you correct with the correct drying method for hearing aids?

Hearing aids are a device that allows hearing-impaired patients to hear and hear the world’s sounds. It is also a highly compact electronic product. All electronic products, moisture-proof and dry is a very important daily work, it must be done every day, then the correct drying method for hearing aids is clear?

Firstly, when the hearing aid is dry, a special hearing aid drying box is needed. When doing the drying work, the battery compartment door of the hearing aid needs to be opened first, the battery is taken out and put into the drying box, and then the lid of the drying box is covered, so remember To cover it, I have encountered a customer who always complained that the dry box is useless. If I change a few, I can’t do it. Then I ask, the good guy hearing aid is put on the lid and it doesn’t cover it. Can this be useful?

At the same time, we need to remember that if the color of the desiccant in the drying box changes, it means that the moisture of the desiccant has been absorbed, and it has to be replaced. Also remember that the drying of the hearing aid requires a professional desiccant. Don’t take food desiccant to act.

When you go to sleep every day or when you don’t use the hearing aid for a long time, we need to put the hearing aid into the dry box and do the daily dry maintenance.

Secondly, some of us use electronic drying boxes. When using electronic drying boxes, the specific drying time needs to look at the instructions. However, the electronic drying box is different from the general hearing aid drying box, which is not suitable for daily use. Use it in a particularly humid environment or after a lot of sweating, then remember to take the battery out and put it in, don’t worry about throwing it straight away.

Hearing aid drying box

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