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Bad ears, can you improve your hearing by wearing a hearing aid?

When we have problems with hearing, the first thing is definitely to go to the hospital for treatment. Try drug surgery. If there is no effect or the effect is not ideal, we will choose to wear a hearing aid. Is it really useful to wear a hearing aid to improve the hearing? ?

Under normal circumstances, all patients with hearing loss can improve the existing hearing situation after wearing the hearing aid. Of course, the specific improvement situation depends on the degree of hearing loss of the patient.

Hearing loss patients can wear the hearing aid correctly through a professional fitting route. The shortest time is only one month, and the hearing aid effect can be clearly felt.

But in any case, we need to remember that hearing aids can’t be the same as real ears. Many patients are dissatisfied with the hearing aids of hearing aids. In fact, a big factor is because they think hearing aids can achieve the human ear. They think that after wearing a hearing aid, they can listen to the same voice as the real ear, and the clarity of listening is obviously unrealistic at present.

It can be asserted that there is no hearing aid in the world that can achieve the true ear effect, and there will be some distortion in the high-end machine, which is inevitable. At best, hearing aids are just an aid to help us improve our hearing. In order to have better hearing aids, we must start from ourselves and make changes.

When we find that our hearing has problems, we must intervene early and treat early. It must be as early as possible. There are many deafnesses that are temporary hearing loss. Once you miss the gold treatment time, the treatment will be much worse. , so be sure to be fast, then we need to have an expectation in the heart before buying a hearing aid. Of course, this expectation must be reasonable, not too high, not too low, do some homework, learn about hearing aids, so that you have more Grasp the good hearing aids.

Hearing loss patient wearing hearing aid

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