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Hearing aids are not working well? You didn’t choose the right one.

Deafness is a very common disease in today’s society. In fact, it is also true. Deafness is also called hearing loss. It is the second largest disability. At the same time, it also sets up the ear-earning day. It also costs a lot of money every year to promote it. Education, but the results are obvious and unscrupulous.

Many patients with deafness choose to buy hearing aids themselves, but often after using them for a period of time, they find that their effects are not good, and then discard them, so that the hearing aids are judged psychologically. It is considered that the hearing aids are useless and the effect is very poor. Is the hearing aid so unbearable? The effect is so bad, why do so many manufacturers in the country spend a lot of money every year to develop it?

In fact, the hearing aids are not effective, you are not right.

Hearing aids are optional. Optional matching, as the name suggests and fitting, these two points are indispensable. Many self-purchasing hearing aids are not bought online, they are bought at pharmacies, and they are spent.2.3One hundred yuan, the effect is naturally not good.

The choice of hearing aids is determined according to our own hearing loss. Our hearing loss determines the power of the hearing aid. Many times our patients have to be both good and beautiful, but sometimes it does not show up, a heavy listening The patient wants to have a deep-ear hearing aid, but in fact the deep-ear hearing aid is only suitable for patients with light and moderate hearing loss. Generally speaking, the smaller the hearing aid, the smaller the power will be. The hearing aids in the road can be thought of as small as possible, and the power naturally does not meet the requirements of patients with severe hearing loss.

At the same time, similar to this small-sized, in-ear hearing aid elderly patients are generally not recommended, after the age, the hand is not so flexible, glasses may also be presbyopia, this hearing aid is relatively close, inconvenient Operation, at the same time, infants and young children are not recommended, after all, their ear canal is still developing, they will feel uncomfortable after wearing.

Secondly, when you choose a hearing aid, don’t go to expensive ones. If you don’t have money, don’t be greedy. The hearing aids should be decided according to your hearing loss. We need to go to the professional fitting center to do a series of inspections before testing. This is very important. The effect of the hearing aid is not only the choice but also the skill of the fitter.

Therefore, once again, the selection of hearing aids must go to the professional fitting center. Don’t buy one online, so the effect of the bought hearing aid is definitely not good. A good hearing aid has a percent.40It depends on the fitter, so how important is it clear?

Hearing aid effect

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