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Wearing headphones, listening to songs, sleeping, being careful

Listening to songs is a kind of enjoyment for most of us. It is a kind of relaxation. Since the appearance of headphones, we can be more comfortable when we listen to songs.

Listening to songs when we are not happy can make our moods feel better. Listening to songs when we are stressed can alleviate our stress, but some people like to listen to songs while sleeping, even some. People can’t sleep without listening to songs.

I also have such a person around me, or a pretty good girlfriend. She usually likes to listen to songs, go to work to listen to songs, listen to songs after work, listen to songs on Weibo, read songs, read songs, sleep, listen to songs, this is not later with me. Said stunned, then she went to the hospital to check it out, good guy, got a temporary deafness.

Although this deafness can be restored after a period of rest, if you continue to develop it, no intervention will only lead to permanent hearing loss and deafness.

When we wear headphones for listening to songs for too long, it can cause ear nerve damage and suffer from deafness.

Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea2700Adolescents tested and found17%Teenagers have noise deafness,17%This number is not terrifying, although it is not for you to listen to the song, just to have a degree, not to listen too much, the volume can not be too high, did not listen1It takes only a few hours to take off the headset and rest for a while.


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