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Is the more and more hearing aids really true?

I believe that many people have heard the rumors that hearing aids are getting more and more sloppy, and this sentence has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Is it true that the more you wear it, the better the hearing aid is?

Many elderly people don’t dare to wear them when they feel that their hearing has dropped. They are afraid that they will fall even more. Especially, everyone has an inertial thinking that hearing aids will “wear more and more.” There is a need without a hearing aid, which only increases the difficulty of hearing and accelerates the process of hearing degradation. Conversely, wearing a suitable hearing aid itself does not lead to worse and worse hearing.

There is one exception, except that hearing aids that are not suitable for them can increase hearing loss. If myopia is not wearing glasses, the degree of myopia will increase. This is because the need without the help of glasses can only lead to excessive visual fatigue and accelerate the process of refractive error. The same is true of hearing. The need without a hearing aid will only increase the difficulty of hearing and accelerate the deterioration of hearing. To be precise, wearing an appropriately qualified, quality-qualified hearing aid will not only lead to poorer hearing, but will not aggravate the degree of deafness, but will help slow down the deafness process.300Degree of myopia wear800The degree of myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful, as is the hearing aid.

All this rumor is wrong, it is fake, everyone just remembers that any professional hearing aid, after wearing it will not lead to our hearing is getting worse.

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