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Why do children with hearing loss wear hearing aids as early as possible?

For children with hearing loss, wearing a hearing aid has a principle of “early detection, early diagnosis, early intervention”, which I hope parents will remember.

When our parents find that their child has abnormal hearing, they should take the child to the hospital for inspection in time to see how the hearing loss is. If the parents usually find that they have no reaction with the child, or call their name A few times, then you can suspect the child’s hearing problems, and take the child to the hospital for inspection.

After the examination, if the child is detected to be conductive hearing loss, after the active treatment, the hearing situation can be recovered, but if it is the sensorineural hearing loss, it is more troublesome, and the treatment effect is often not so good. Generally, you can only rely on wearing a hearing aid to compensate for your hearing.

The reason why the hearing aids should be worn as early as possible is because, for children, their age is a period of learning language, especially for7Children before the age, the plasticity of children’s language development during this period is very high, for children, the time to learn a language is only needed3To6Students can learn successfully in a month, but adults often fail to do so. To put it bluntly, children are more malleable than adults.

If the child at this time can’t hear and hear the voice of the outside world, then there is a big obstacle to learning the language. If the child is not wearing the hearing aid, you will find that the child can’t even talk when he grows up. This is because this phenomenon is caused by not learning well when learning the language.

Of course, it is not that wearing a hearing aid, you can learn the language right away. If you listen to the child, you still need to do more language training. When the parents are at home, they can also give the child more training to strengthen their hearing and find a quiet environment. Let the child discern the sound and do it a few more times, the child’s hearing will get better and better.

Hearing aids for children with hearing loss

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