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The price gap of hearing aids is so big, why?

Many people know about hearing aids, but how many people know how much the hearing aids are sold?

If you are interested, you can search the hearing aid price online. You will find that the price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand to tens of thousands. It is also a hearing aid. Why is his price range so large? Why is it so cheap that the hearing aids are cheap, but expensive?

First of all, the difference between a few hundred yuan and several thousand yuan hearing aids. The former hearing aids of several hundred yuan can be called analog hearing aids. These hearing aids are very popular in the past ten years. The principle is very simple and popular. It is an amplifier that tells the outside world that the sound is amplified and passed into your ear. There is no complicated process. Of course, the shortcomings of this type of hearing aid are also very obvious. Because the sound is only amplified and transmitted to the ear, this causes the noise that is already noisy to become more noisy. After wearing it for a long time, it will lead to further hearing. The risk of falling.

And thousands of hearing aids are called digital hearing aids. Unlike analog machines, digital machines automatically collect the type of acoustic signal, signal-to-noise ratio, and difference in front and rear microphone strengths of the environment, define different environments, and automatically adjust. Features such as noise reduction, direction, and compression ratio to adapt to changing environments. From here, I believe that everyone can completely judge the difference between the two, and the straightforward point is that one belongs to technology and one has no technology.

And thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hearing aids, although they are all digital hearing aids, but digital hearing aids are also different, they also have performance, functional differences, the stronger the performance, the more functions, the higher the price , for a simple example, one3000Yuan hearing aid with its noise reduction function and3wThe hearing aids of Yuan are different. In the vegetable market, the noise reduction effect of high-priced hearing aids is generally higher than that of low-priced hearing aids. Also functionally, hearing aids with higher prices are generally more expensive than hearing aids with lower prices.

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