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Want to buy a hearing aid for the elderly, where to buy?

When the old age is old, all the organs in the body are going downhill, and the ear hearing is also the same. It is also a normal phenomenon that the old people have lost their hearing. As children, they find that the old people have hearing problems, and of course they want to buy them a hearing aid. But, but where should the hearing aid be bought?

In the habit of our people now, the first place to buy things is online. Yes, online shopping has become a part of our lives. Since online shopping is so convenient, then we can also be online, in a treasure, dog How about buying a hearing aid in the east?

The answer is obviously not possible. First of all, we must make clear that the hearing aids are to be fitted. The online hearing aids are basically a few hundred yuan of simulators. Compared with digital machines, such hearing aids will be even worse. I also said that hearing aids need to be fitted. The hearing aids used by our patients are related to their hearing loss. They cannot be worn casually. Therefore, it is necessary to perform professional fitting and debugging before wearing. The online hearing aids This link is missing, which leads to poor results after wearing.

Secondly, in addition to the second major focus of the fitting, after-sales.

The wearing time of the hearing aid is not calculated in days, in months, and is calculated in years. As long as the general hearing aids use the specifications, you can use them as well.5 ~ 8Years or so, and if you pay attention to maintenance, and maintenance is in place, then a hearing aid you use10Year is also no problem.

However, most of the hearing aids purchased online have no after-sales service, or only a short warranty period, such as2Week, this is very unfavorable for a hearing aid that will take several years.

Then where do we need to buy it?

Hearing aids should be purchased at a professional fitting center. Relatively online, these places are more secure, the service is better, and it is possible to audition. At the same time, I have to pay attention to what I said are professional. If you go to a family, it is not very good. A reliable store may not be the same. Similarly, you need to ask the fitter before buying. How long does the store have after-sales maintenance? If the time is too short, you don’t want to leave.

Buying hearing aids must find a place to be guaranteed, otherwise it will be useless. Don’t go to the informal or buy a few hundred yuan on the Internet for the sake of greed. It is definitely your own regret.


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